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 WP-Office PDA Interface!
There is under development the Wp-Office PDA version, with a dedicated interface for multi operating systems as Pocket PC 2002 or Symbian.
Based on the same functionalities, this version will complete the area of internet - intranet services and tools supported by the WebProfessional suite.
 La nuova versione di WebProfessional!
WebProfessional 3.4 The new WebProfessional release introduces the concept of framework and allows much more flexibility regarding the functionality of WebProfessional (in both the administration and public part). In this new environment your can create customized applications and have thus a different functionality of certain WebProfessional modules, according to your needs. You can add oth ... [ Details ]
 The new WebProfessional site !
Professional Internet Solutions for Companies!

The professional innovative solution for the complete and integrated management of Internet services in a unique applicative environment, for companies of any sector and size !

The system allows, within a unique operating environment, the management of various applicative modules with specific functionalities of the Web for companies.
 WP Center
The WebProfessional Community

A developers community where you can find, browse, view or even buy wp-made sites. Also, as a developer, you may to create, develop and publish up to 10 wp-made sites !
Assistance and Online Support for WebProfessional

A tool for collecting the WebProfessional feedback.
You may poste comments, bugs or suggestions and you will be notified by their status.
 CRM tool!
The CRM tool allows you to: manage complete customer data, from contacts to orders! easily locate and evaluate all the customer-related information (from emails, task, resources, reports, documents, callcenter entries, etc.)! monitor ... [ Details ]
 Office component tools
The office tools suite is designed to meet all the requirements of companies of various sizes and profiles. Communication inside and outside the company with integrated WP solutions (Email, sTalk and Notes tools) Productivity tools for organizing any company workflow (Task & Requests and Reports tools) Organization of company resources (CallCenter, Doc. Management, Contacts and CRM ... [ Details ]

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Mar 22, 2019
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